Compassionate Feeding of Wildlife is NOT Conservation

The trend of feeding wild birds is extremely worrying and unscientific, especially so for the pigeons in cities. People mostly do this for religious reasons thinking that by feeding pigeons they are helping the 'poor' and 'hungry' birds and perhaps this helps in washing away their sins! Grains are purchased and scattered literally in heaps for the pigeons to feed. People who indulge in this...

Hazel at with TCF Kaziranga

In Indian wilderness and countryside

More than 24 hours after leaving Edinburgh, I finally touched down in Guwahati airport and embarked on the 5 hour drive to my final destination. I travelled to India to conduct research into the understanding of lameness in domestic cattle, being farmed in the rural villages of Kaziranga. On arrival I was greeted by The Corbett Foundation, a wildlife conservation organization with branches in Corbett,...

Mahu Flower Silhouette

TCF blogs anew-Welcome!

The wait is over! After a brief hiatus, The Corbett Foundation is back with an all-new blog! Our experiences in the wild, our stand on current environmental happenings, our thoughts, opinions and a piece of our nature-loving minds - all presented in a fresh new avatar. TCF works towards a harmonious coexistence between human beings and wildlife across important wildlife habitats in India, viz. Corbett Tiger...