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Sambar Stag at Periyar Tiger Reserve

Conserve sambar, conserve tigers

“Tiger conservation or conservation of nature is not a drag on the environment. Both can happen in a mutually complimentary way”: these were the reassuring words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he gave an inspiring talk on April 12 during the 3rd Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation in New Delhi. I found it useful to attend the three-day meeting as it gave me...

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The ‘Tiger Tourism’ Question

With due respect to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) which I have no doubt works hard to carry out its mandate to protect the tiger, the proposal to ban tourism in 'core areas' of tiger reserves is, to put it bluntly, silly and misguided. (For background see this article and comment) The Supreme Court had a hearing on the petition this week, and adjourned its hearing until...