This section is for our little wildlife warriors who are fighting to save wildlife and contributing to conservation efforts. We want to give you a platform to tell the world what you think. You can play quizzes, write an article, send us your art and photographs, and tell us what you’ve been doing to make our planet a better place.

TCF is looking for young wildlife artists. Paint us your favourite wild animal in its incredible natural home (no zoos, please) and send us your art. The best paintings/drawings/sketches will be featured on our website and Facebook page and the winners will get a special surprise from us.

You can post your work to us, scan it, send in a photograph of it (just make sure it's really clear), or even email us digital artwork. Use your imagination!

(Psst... to let you in on a little secret, entries with an underlying wildlife or conservation-related message get bonus points)

We are really excited to receive your entries! Good luck!

Please mention your name, age, contact details and give a suitable title to your masterpiece!

Post your entries to:

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Have a look at some of the wonderful wildlife and conservation-themed paintings made by children living on the fringes of tiger reserves.

Have you been doing something to make your home, building, housing society, school, town, or pretty much any place more environmentally sustainable? Are you making efforts to save wildlife and biodiversity? We would really like to know!

TCF believes that every tiny effort counts and helps towards the larger wildlife conservation movement. And you, little ones, are the future of this revolution! So we really value your work and your opinion.

Send us a few pictures and a write-up about what you have been doing and we will write back to you. And if we’re really impressed, you’re in for a surprise!

If you wish to do your own little bit to help in wildlife and conservation efforts, here are a few ideas:

1. Hold a fundraiser at your school or housing society and raise money by selling artwork, holiday/festival greeting cards, or pretty much anything done by you. The money raised can be donated to any charity of your choice. Let’s put on our creativity hats!

2. Gather family, friends and neighbours to clean up any area – it could be a park around your house, the beach, the banks of a polluted river nearby, or any other place. Make sure you take pictures before and after the clean up so we can see the results!

3. We all love birthdays, don’t we? But this year you can do something special for your animal friends! You can ask friends to donate for a cause instead of buying you gifts. And you can do the same for their birthdays and start a revolution! You can collect donations and send them to any charity of your choice that works towards saving wildlife and protecting the environment.

4. Write! Write! Write! Send us your articles, your experiences, your views about wildlife and conservation, about making this planet a better place, about how we adults are doing everything wrong. You are our biggest critiques. You are the future, and we need to learn so much from you. Don’t be just a silent observer to how adults are ruining ecosystems and harming wildlife, raise your voice (and put your pens and keyboards to work and write it all down and send it to us).

5. Have you taken some lovely images of wild animals and pristine wild habitat? Well, we sure are excited to see them! Have you been able to capture the damage we have caused to our ecosystems and wildlife? Would you like to be an undercover reporter for TCF? Send us your images. Tell us what you think about all the mess, about how we’re spoiling the last remaining pristine places on the planet.

Write to us:
81-88, 'Atlanta' Bldg,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400021
Tel. No. +91 22 61466417 / 61466400
Fax No. +91 22 61466499

Please mention your name, age, and contact details. Or email us:

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